Content Management Services

We provide end-to-end learning solutions to our clients. We study their training requirements and provide 40W solutions that help them to meet their end goals. The solution can be provided as e-Learning custom content.


Content and Courseware Development


Designing and authoring of interactive content (SCORM)


Technical writing


Authoring question-banks


Creating interactive courses from PowerPoint slideshows


Repurposing of existing content


Conventional eLearning

This is an exhaustive method of creating content with high Instructional design inputs, high level of graphics. interactivity and assess-Hi-breed eLearning.This is a combination of rapid and conventional eLearning. Only certain portions of the courseware that require extensive instructional strategy are developed with interactions and high level of graphics, while majority of the courseware remains in rapid eLearning form.

Rapid eLearning

This is a very quick way of creating contents, leveraging already available source of material in the form of Power point slides. or Word document. etc. This is less effective when compared to conventional eLearning, nevertheless, it is rapid as well as cost effective. This is an exhaustive method of creating content with high instructional design inputs, high level of graphics, interactivity and assessment.