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SharePoint Consulting

Our combined experience with SharePoint will guarantee us a spot in the SharePoint history archives. Starting with the very first commercial version of SharePoint in 2003, Our SharePoint consultants have been experts for each successive version thereafter – MOSS/WSS 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, Office 365 – SharePoint Online and currently SharePoint 2016.

Our services include Strategic Consulting, global implementations, farm configurations, Health Checks, Social Collaboration, UX and Branding, SharePoint development and customization, SharePoint Workflow implementations, SharePoint BI, Public Facing Sites, Intranet/ Extranet Portals, Enterprise Search, 3rd Party product Integration, SharePoint upgrades, Migration to SharePoint (earlier versions/ legacy application), SharePoint Maintenance and Support.

Being focused on SharePoint has helped us with development of unique methodologies specific to this platform, thus ensuring quick turnaround and rapid implementations.

Our 9 Points to a Successful SharePoint Implementation


Get Executive Buy-In

We will ensure the management team supports the implementation and communicates the benefits to everyone


Define Objectives

Creating a clear business plan setting out the high level goals, vision, objectives of the implementation


Getting a skilled partner

Hiring the right partner for your implementation plays a very key role in making your implementation successful


Identify Use Cases

SharePoint can do a lot of things!, but be clear on what are the use cases that you want to achieve out of SharePoint. Eg: Portal, DMS, ECM, WFs etc.


Understand Customization vs OOB

As part of drafting down your wishlist of features required, it is also important to understand the features you get OOB and what you can get only with Customization


Capture requirements to the lowest level

As part of the study, capturing lowest level details are very important – fonts, styles, the way detail pages open, content management methodology et al


Following Best Practices

Following Best Practices given by Microsoft on Installation, Configuration are important. Also different environments: Dev, QA and Prod are required



Creating a Custom Branding that matches the company’s branding guidelines will go a long way in making people comfortable to use the portal


Plan constant adoption drives

A SharePoint Solution’s success lies in the way it is being adopted and used and hence constant content updates, “why portal”, “how to” mailers, training need to be done

Solution Accelerators

To accelerate delivery of our SharePoint Projects, we have a number of solution accelerators in the form of WebParts, Add-Ins (Apps) and even complete modules. Some of them are listed here. Customers get a huge advantage, thus in being able to rollout projects faster than before as it saves valuable time in having to develop everything from scratch!

UI Design Themes

  • Readymade 10+ Designs to choose from

  • 5+ Responsive Designs to choose from

  • Modify it easily to suit your company’s corporate guidelines

WebParts / Add-ins

  • Over 30+ WebParts to choose from

  • Announcements, Sliders, Events, CEO Message of the Day, Weather, Stock Quotes, Quick Links, How to, Picture Galleries and much more…


  • Correspondence Management System (CMS) – Become paperless with Correspondences and Office Notes

  • CRM – Manage your pipeline

  • Product Benchmarking – Compare your products with other products with over 400+ parameters

  • HRMS – Master Management, ESS, MSS, Recruitment, Exit

Our SharePoint Implementation Phases

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Office 365

Brings you the Office you know, plus the ability to get more done, anywhere, anytime. Be it your computer, tablet, or your phone, Office 365 has all your content – offline and online – seamlessly integrated. Office 365 is always updated to the latest versions of SharePoint Online, Exchange, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

SharePoint online is a part of the standard Office 365 offering and it enables you to develop robust Content Management systems, Intranet Portals, BI solutions utilizing its Power BI engine and Business Process Workflows.

Our expertise with Office 365 will help you leverage this cloud solution and optimally utilize it across your organization. Our ability to provide customized solutions will ensure your specific business requirements are addressed for enhanced productivity. We also help our clients migrate to Office 365 from on-premise.

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Define your vision, identity and prioritize business scenarios and collaborate with key stakeholders to plan for successful rollouts at your own place.



Confidently onboard new users and capabilities with remote assistance from experts committed to guide your IT team.


Drive Value

Generate more value with resources available to help your teams and partner drive user adoption across your organization, prepare for and manage change.

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Business Intellegence

BI is amongst the most crucial tools available to current era decision makers which gives them a huge advantage over their predecessors. Microsoft’s BI stack has a number of powerful tools that help us develop solutions to enable your decision makers identify key parameters to meet specific business Objectives.

Dash boards, Score Cards, Key Performance Indicator, Charts, Trend Analysis, Comparative Analysis, heat maps, Graphs are some of the examples of visual data representation and part of our BI development offerings which can help you get meaningful insights from your existing data sources, be it on Premise or Cloud.

Our BI Solutions & Services

 Providing World-Class solutions on an Onsite-Offshore model

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Our Analytics Strategy

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SharePoint Migration

Upgrade from earlier versions of SharePoint – SharePoint 2003, MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint online in Office 365. We can also help with migrations from legacy applications to the latest version of SharePoint.

Our SharePoint Migration process follows Microsoft Best Practices to ensure successful Migration with quick turnaround and minimal down time. It begins with an in-depth analysis of existing environment for compatibility as well as Health Check of new environment for consistency. Based on the findings, migration methodology and tools are determined and followed up with the migration process. A thorough QA process after completion of migration ensures all your content is migrated and available for use.

During the entire process our development team ensures there is minimal to no down time for smooth functioning of your routine operations.

Our Migration Variants and Approach

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Migration Phases

Assessment and Planning

  • Detailed Inventory of the Environment

    • SPSFarmReport

    • PowerShell with Visio

    • ShareGate Reporting

  • Identify CleanUp required in the old environment and create an action plan for IT and Users to incorporate suggestions

  • Identify needs for Content Restructuring

  • Create source to destination mapping

  • Identify Customizations and Create Roadmap for them to run in SPO

  • Identify Re-branding requirements

  • Identify Integration done

  • Identify Pilot Migration Candidates

  • Plan Migration Batches


  • Run Pilot Migration with Selected Site Collections, Sites

  • Test and Gather Results

  • Identify resolutions for issues found

  • Re-run pilot if required

  • Else proceed

    • In validating source to destination mapping created during Analysis Phase

    • In creating production migration batches and slot out dates

  • Publish production migration plan to IT (and end users if required)


  • Do production migration as per the batches designed

  • Continuously monitor for any issues

  • Report issues, unforeseen delays if required and take course corrections

  • Complete production migration

  • Remove access to Old SP Environment

  • Prepare documentation and handover

  • Do IT Training

  • Optional direct end user training (as the OOB UI options are different)