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    Sales Tracker will provide an information to the Brand, Distribution, Marketing agency and Retailers/dealers about the sells out done by Sales staff or Promoters.Capture the data on Sellout, Competitor Sellout, Display Share and Stock Availability in a particular store. Also capture the GPS based workforce tracking.

    Sales Tracker provides holistic view on the product information, so that sales person can convince the customer effectively.

    One point of reporting from Sales Tracker will provide an insight view to make a knowledgeable decision. It Track and manage sales operations in real time.

    Sales Tracker
    Sony UAE

    Sony in United Arab Emirates use Sales Tracker. And we have a greater contribution

    Lenovo UAE and Kuwait

    Sales Tracker has been used extensively in Lenovo promoters at UAE and Kuwait.

    sales life cycle
    Huawei Oman and UAE

    Huawei promoters use Sales Tracker to track and manage their sales life cycle.

    Axiom Telecom
    Axiom Telecom

    Axiom Telecom use Sales Tracker to track and manage their sales life cycle in UAE and Saudi

  • retail outlet

    Sellout & Outlet Sellout
    Sellout & Outlet Sellout

    Sales Tracker will capture the sales data from various retail outlet.

    Competitor Sellout Summery
    Competitor Sellout Summery

    By capturing competitor information, compare the product market share.

    Stock Availability

    Define clearly on the movement of the stock - SKU's


    Sales Tracker come with Target by both Volume and Value.

    Share data
    Display Share data

    Capture the Point of Sale and Planogram compliances in real time and escalate to the Brand for further decision making.

    Real-Time Workforce Tracker

    GPS based time and attendance to monitor and track the remote workforce.

    Capture In-Store and Display share

    Capture in-store information within the retail outlet

    Dual Authentication

    DATA is secured with Sales Tracker by providing Dual Authentication. Primary Authentication on IMEI Number and secondary authentication on user credentials.


    Sales Tracker provides one version of truth onthe sales data by providing a holistic dashboard view to Retailer, Agencies and Brand in particular.

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    Improved Service Level Monitoring

    Shelf Share

    Increase in Planogram Compliance and Shelf Share

    Data Collection

    Reduced Data Collection Time and focus more on the analytical part.


    Decreased Time Spent on Reporting Analysis. Ready-made reports available. Customization is possible.


    Out of Stock Reduction and an Increase in SKU Availability


    Merchandiser Self-discipline in merchandising operations


    Gain full control over your retail merchandising operations


    Benefits the Brand and retailer to take a knowledge decision on the price points and competition results

  • Android 4 and above (Jelly beans)

    Support Smartphone's only.

    Native App – supported by PHP web services.

    What's Up Integration

    Google Maps and GPS

    Secured data by Encryption

    Cloud Services

    Frame Work Based Approach

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    • Free update
    • Hosting
    • 24/7 Support
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